Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream

You know those tests you used to get in school that was strictly to make you learn to follow instructions? The ones that had all these directions saying "Read entire page before starting" then the directions start: 1) write you name at the top of the paper. 2) get up and dance like a chicken. 3) Hit your neighbor on the head with your pencil. 4) draw a star, moon, and sun in the left hand corner of your paper.. and the list went on... then you get to the end at it says 20)Only complete number 1 and turn in. Then you know your teacher's going to write "Moron" and give you back your paper with weird things written all over it and it folded in all different directions..

That's how Paul and I felt last night. We made chocolate ice cream for dessert today and it was a bit messy and time consuming because we didn't read all the directions first. I've found it's essential to cooking..

We started by adding all the ingredients and then realizing it's not all going to fit in the pan.. So we wait for an idea to come and as we're waiting... the concoction overflows.. Then we have to add half and half and whipping cream so we separate it into two different pans.. By the end of mixing it all up we were ready to just get the dumb stuff frozen so I read on to see what needs to be done before we actually start freezing it. I read and read and read and... oops. "Refrigerate 2 HOURS" holy crap. We started all this at 11pm, after seeing Hancock. So at 1 we finally got to freeze it! It was crazy.. But it turned out really yummy and everyone really liked it!! (Or else they felt bad for us and didn't wanna tell us otherwise..

Oh well. It was fun! This is our 2nd batch we've made. The first was cookies and cream and that turned out delightful.


Chelsea said...

It was very good!! thanks!! and you spelled whipping cream wrong, unless you meant to do that!! ha ha!

marlee said...

Oops, didn't mean to!

Thanks :D

themacdonnells said...

that's funny, you need to update more often. it's entertaining...

as a side note, i think i was one of the morons a few times on those "test" days and that's just another reason i don't cook... following directions just isn't in my blood..... :)

Johnsons said...

Aww... that's fun... It's stuff like that you'll remember years from now... :)