Thursday, January 30, 2014


Oh Pregnancy..
We are well on our way with this pregnancy. 33.5 weeks!! 3.5 more weeks until I start shooing her out. I'm to the point where I frequently think "HOLY CRAP! SHE'S ALMOST HERE!" There are a ton of things I want to get done still... The biggest thing is painting the kids rooms. They have needed it forever but I couldn't decide how I wanted the kids to be 'housed' once this baby gets here. I really would like to paint my entire living/dining/kitchen area but the thought of that makes my body hurt. And then there's the regular ol wash all the baby clothes, blankets, bedding, blah blah blah and set up her room stuff. I should have started weeks ago. 

I'm also to the point in this pregnancy where:
  • I am always super thirsty before bed... and then I have to get up 1.5 million times to use the restroom in the night. 
  • I take a drink of water and it instantly makes me feel like I'm going to wet myself.
  • My left side of my body is always in pain. (It's been like that since 15 weeks or so, but now it makes me want an epidural every second that I'm awake)
  • This little girl shouldn't be moving a ton and yet she is. Thank you, baby, for all the new stretch marks.
  • I finally get comfortable in bed and then all the sudden it's not? 
  • I threaten myself with unisom every night. 
  • I'm convinced this little girl is going to burst out of my stomach at any second. Hopefully someone gets it on video.
  • I'm at 2 week appointments! Whoop! 
  • Acid reflux is at an all-time high. 
  • Abby asks almost daily how this little girl is going to get out of me. (Not explaining that to a 3 year old)
Pictures are mostly prohibited now days but I had to get one with this beautiful lady! She ended up going into labor a few days after this was taken at her baby shower! I can only hope the same happens to me :)  

Monday, December 16, 2013

She Baby

We found out a few weeks ago that we are indeed having a little girl! We really couldn't be happier. Both of us were really okay with having a girl or boy. I think the only real time we wanted something for sure was with Abby when we wanted a girl and we were completely blessed by her!
Abby is ecstatic to say the least. She loves to tell people she's going to have a baby sister! At the sonogram when we found out it was truly a girl she said "I think the first time the doctor looked it was a boy... But now it's going to be a girl!" She's such a sweetie. 
I'm now 27 weeks and time is racing right a long. This baby girl is active! Any time I lay down to rest she has to get all situated and comfy before she calms down. I love the feeling of her moving around. 
Paul still swears it's a boy... Mostly to drive me crazy. But I did finally catch him calling the baby a "her" for once today. 
I feel absolutely huge already. Weight wise I'm the same as my other two, but I swear I wasn't this big looking with the other two. It's really frustrating to me. 
Jared still has no clue what's going on. He loves to snuggle with me and usually when he does the baby kicks and kicks until he moves. I wonder what he thinks of that? So funny. 
We are at excited for March! It seems so far away still but I think once December is over it will really hit us with how soon it really will be. We can't wait!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mystery Baby

Baby #3 is well on its way to joining our growing family! I'm due on March 16th and we are so excited!
The first 12-16 weeks were the usual horrible sickness weeks. Now I'm feeling pretty good, just super tired. I'm 22 weeks today and it's flying by!
We've had multiple sonograms.. The first and second appointments the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler, so we went right over to check out the babe and everything looked great. The same thing happened with Abby's first sonogram! It's been super fun to see the changes in the baby each sonogram. Seriously, it's such a miracle! Heavenly Father knows just what he's doing.
We had a sonogram 3 weeks ago to find out if this babe is a He or a She, but IT didn't want to cooperate. Seriously it was the best sonogram ever. 30 minutes of a little personality shining though. He/she had their hand over the goods most of the time and the rest of the time it would put it's feet straight out and cross it's legs. It was so funny to see! So we go back on Thursday  (TWO DAYS) to try again and see what we find.
(Baby at 19 weeks)

Here is a fun video of when we first told the kids. Jared obviously had no idea what was going on and would much rather just play with his toes, but Abby was way excited! (She had just gotten her hair cut short, so thats why she said her last comment) Crank up the volume and enjoy a glimps into our life with our kiddos!

Our Little Monster is TWO!

So this big guy turned two this month! Where has the time gone? We had a (not-so-small) gathering of family and those adopted into our family at the park to celebrate Jared's big day! It turned out great and it seemed like everyone had a great time, especially Jared!

Some things I love about this boy
-He is 100% on his own timing. Everything has to be done exactly when he wants to. He is now (FINALLY) talking like crazy and learning new words every day.
-Jared is the sweetest boy and the best little cuddle bug ever. He always finds time to come cuddle with me throughout the day. If I'm running around crazy, he comes and holds his hands up in front of me to make me slow down and hold him.
-Jared LOVES Abby. He is her little shadow. It drives Abby crazy sometimes, but she mostly loves him for it and is a great best friend to him.
-Jared loves Lightning McQueen, Nemo and Dory. If you ask him what movie he wants to watch (of even if you don't ask) he'll let you know he wants Cars or Finding Nemo
-Jared is strong willed. He still has a hard time going to nursery every Sunday. I'm pretty sure 1/4 of our ward is completely annoyed with us and wonders why we even try, but once he gets in there and calms down he does fantastic. (Major shout out to his amazing nursery leaders! I love them so much!)

If Jared could have spent his whole birthday blowing out candles, he totally would. He loves to do that! And now he asks all the time to blow out candles.

I love this boy so much! He makes it easy to want another boy even though I was terrified I'd only have boys since there are so many on the Johnson side. He is such a sweetie pie and makes us laugh constantly with those ridiculous dimples and hilariously infectious laugh.
He'll always be my "Baby J"! Please stop growing up so fast!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The BIG 3!

My sweet Abigail is THREE! 
This little girl brings so much joy into our home. She is a fantastic big sister who adores her little brother so much. They are best buds. It's hard to pick out qualities about her that I think are the best. There really are so many things I love! She is super smart. She writes her own name and also every name of everyone in our family. She is the most genuine, kindhearted little girl ever. As you can see in the pictures below, she is so thankful for everything big and small. She's a great friend and constantly wants to help. Abby loves making people smile and laugh! She especially loves her daddy. One of her favorite things to do is to write daddy notes and stick them in the mail box for him to find when he gets home. She gets so excited and proud when he opens the letter and exclaims how beautiful it is or how great she did her letters that day. Abby really is such a sweetheart. 

Some of her favorite things to do right now:
-Watch movies (Cars, Tangled, Finding Nemo)
- Write her letters and names
-Go to the park
-Eat lunch with Daddy
-Play with all her friends

Really though. You could surprise this girl with a piece of paper and she would absolutely cherish it forever! :)

We had such a fun time at Abby's Birthday party this year! We did it at a local park where all the kids could run around and be crazy. I love this little girl and watching her grow up. I'm constantly wishing she would just slow down and stop being so grown up all the sudden, but to see the great strides she takes towards growing her knowledge and fun personality really makes it all ok. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Christmas Cards!

I was spending well earned time on Pinterest one day and came across this fun idea for our Christmas cards. My brother, Beau, was in town and I had him take these cute pictures. I never did scan a copy of the final product, but I just added "Merry and Bright" across the bottom and called it good. I especially love the last one. :)

Real Life <3 p="">

D├ęcembre 2012

Hello old friends, it's been a while. Do you ever keep a journal? I've kept one off and on since I was little. It's so funny to go back and read them because every 3 pages or so my entry starts out with "Hello old friend, it's been a while. Sorry about that." Anyway- I digress. 

It's a little past time to finish off last years posts. This one will be all of December, minus Christmas Eve and Day. 

Our December was just as crazy as the rest. We have lots of family around, lots of birthdays, fun parties, great dates and so on and so forth. So lets start from the top:

 This little fella, Fred, made his debut in our home this year. I know these are trendy and kind of weird, but I love our Fred! It was SO fun to have Abby wake up each morning and find him. Sure she didn't quite understand the concept yet and maybe some{most} nights Fred was too tired to move to another place, but it was fun. I can't wait to pull him out again next...errr this year. 

We also got to meet up with some friends at Bethlehem Revisited. I love this tradition. It's super fun to step back into the time when Christ was born. It's a wonderful way to revisit the reason for the season. I highly recommend going! It's lots of fun for the kids, especially to see all the animals and the marketplace.
 We bought and decorated our Christmas tree! I LOVE having a real tree. Paul still pushes to get a fake tree every year, but it's just too much fun to go pick one out and to have the awesome smell in our home. 
 At our ward Christmas party we saw SANTA! The real one, I'm sure. The kids weren't big fans. Stranger danger I guess. Just leave the gifts and move on quickly. 

After the Santa debacle was over, we headed into a room for crafts. Abby got to make her own little reindeer... that died on the way home if I remember correctly. 
 One of my favorite things is the PJCo Christmas Party for the staff and their spouses/significant others. (I like to think my self pretty significant... heh) We go to the Dallas Symphony each year and eat dinner there. It's always such a fantastic time. So many talented people in the show, especially the kids. This is the second year they've had a children's choir in it (since we have started going anyway) and they are SO expressive and fun to watch. Great entertainment. 

 I found a fun little groupon to go to Prairie Lights this year. We let the kids come sit in the front with us as we drove through (at .3mph) They thought it was the coolest thing ever. We also got to walk through Gumdrop Alley and we saw a show put on by... someone.... uhh... It wasn't our favorite. 

 We had a small gathering of friends to celebrate this fantastic woman's birthday! Love this lady. Such a kind, sweet, caring, loving soul. Love my Sarah!
 We got to break in our new fire place. I LOVE having a fire place. Sure, in Texas we use it about 1 month out of the year, but its so warm and cozy. 
 Paul and I headed over to Danielle's annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. This girl knows how to throw a party. And Paul knows how to rock a belly sweater. :D

And last but not least, Abby and I fixed our hair. A Christmas miracle! :) Love my silly little girl!

I love December!  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just Marlee

Since we have church at 1 this year, I find it pretty easy to wait until Saturday night to prepare my lesson for YW's  the next day. I l.o.v.e. teaching these girls. When I'm prompted to ask the right questions, or share the stories/scriptures/videos it feels like the girls may need to hear-great things come of it.
Tomorrow our lesson is on repentance. It seems as if we cover this topic a lot. With our new teaching curriculum  we are able to choose which lesson we feel like would fit best out of quite a few. I, for some crazy reason, decided to read over this lesson.... Even though I feel like sometimes this topic could be related to "beating a dead horse". (seriously? who came up with that saying? it's horrible.) Anyway, after watching one video from the outline, I was sucked in.

I love that we have the opportunity to repent of things we do wrong. I've been horrible at asking for forgiveness from every day things for most of my life. Until I was older, I really thought repentance was only for the 'big' things. So I'm sure I have a list a mile long (or about 18 years long) of things my Heavenly Father is waiting on me to repent of. That's kind of scary, huh? Not really. HE knows my heart. I'm so thankful I have that opportunity.
I took family for granted a whole lot growing up. I knew I loved them, but did I really try all that hard to like them? Not enough. Now that I have a little family of my own, I am so grateful for forgiveness. I would literally give anything for them. Even my pride in the mistakes I make and the judgments I pass.
  I love them
And one thing I've learned is because I love them so much, I push my pride aside and get things taken care of that need to be taken care of.
By no means does this make me feel like "the bigger person" and in no way am I a shining example of what every person should be. I am just Marlee. But I know I'm a daughter of God and that he's rooting for me. And that, a long with repentance, makes this life a whole lot easier.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sweet Boy

 My sweet guy turned one (a few months ago *ahem*) and I thought it was probably time to blog about it. :)
We had a nice big birthday party for him at our house with all our loved ones. Jared was totally spoiled, as usual.
 We had a punch box for the party favors (pictures are kind of out of order. sorry!)
 Lots and lots of gifts!
 Jareds first cupcake! ... Which he hated!

 Abby being... Abby :)
 Lots of balloons, whats a party with no balloons? 
 Hot coco- It was FREEZING that day. Of course, because I planned an outdoor birthday party.

 Ms. Sarah's fabulous Tostada sauce.

 Sweets, sweets, and more sweets. ^This mix is to.die.for. It always goes fast when I make it.

And our crazy little family.
We LOVE having Jared in our family. Just a few days after his birthday party, he learned how to walk. He still mostly grunts for every. single. thing. He makes us laugh all the time and every time he's in trouble he flashes his dimples. 

We are so grateful for our family and friends that came to help us celebrate! We love y'all!