Monday, December 8, 2014

The Best.

 This is easily my favorite post of the year. I am so in love with these pictures, especially the ones of my kids! I Look at them all the time in complete awe. Stacie (Click link) captured their little personalities wonderfully. The day of pictures, I was sure we would only get a couple good ones. My kids were less than cooperative and I was pretty frustrated about it. Oh ye of little faith. Stacie is a miracle worker! I love her and I'm so sad they are moving away soon. Houston is gaining a wonderful family and great friends!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Abby's First Day of Pre-k

A couple months before school started, we decided to try and get Abby into pre-k. It was a tough decision for us because she already knew so much and pre-k ain't free... We decided it would be a good stepping stone for all-day, every day kindergarten next year though, so we signed her up and got the very last spot in her school.

Abby was so excited and so nervous but she's loved every day. On the first day of school we all took her in, she gave us all hugs and sat right down to color. It helped that she knew one boy in her class from church, but she still got a little upset once we started to leave. After a little reassurance, we left her in the classroom with several crying kids and a prayer that all would be well. 
When I picked her up from her first day she was so excited to tell me about it. Now every time I take her to her classroom she walks right in and sits down to start her first activity. Such a big girl. She's learning lots of new things that I would have never thought to teach her and she's meeting and learning to interact with new people and kids. I'm so glad we decided to do it and I know she is, too.


A month or so ago, my sister, Beth, announced that she was throwing a halloween party. We all laughed at her... but holy cow did she deliver. She made invitations and sent them out (to our family! ha) and when the night finally came, it was fantastic. 

 Pin the wart on the witch was a huge success. Absolutely hilarious. And of course my kid was pulling them off Nanas face to eat. So gross.
 Food food and more food. It wouldn't be a gathering without food! It was all delicious!
 That cake up there, with the spider web on it? Paul made that. It was fantastic. And bottom right picture: Paul was SO disgusted with the "used q-tips" it was hilarious. Marshmallows dipped in caramel. Mmm.
 And how do I have such gorgeous sisters and mom? I mean really. So pretty.
Somehow Heather's picture made the cut twice. 
The night was fantastic. 

We headed over after going trick or treating around the businesses in our town. The kids had a blast at the party and already asked if there will be a party next year. I think I already know the answer to that!
Happy Halloween! 

Date Night

 My sweet girl has grown up so much.. I can hardly stand it. She's grown into such a little mommy and great helper. Unfortunately, she's been getting sick a lot lately. It seems like every weekend since she's been in school shes been sick. Paul and I had decided that to make up for all the sickness and missed parties/gatherings/fun times he would take her on a date. My goodness this girl was on top of the world. for days and days leading up to the date she would countdown and ask what they were going to do on the date.
 Friday, date night, rolled around and Paul knocked on the door and asked Abby if she was ready to go on a date. He got her flowers and everything. She was more excited than I could possibly explain.
On their date they went to get ice cream and then to build a bear and rode some rides in the mall. Her curfew was 10, so they couldn't be gone forever ;)
I'm so grateful for Paul. He really stepped up and made her night. She had been so sad about all the things she'd missed over the weeks prior, and she was just sick again this weekend where we had to miss a birthday party and our ward truck or treat. I don't know whats going on to cause all this sickness, but it better go away soon!


Whoever thought carving pumpkins with kids was a good idea is my kind of crazy. We've done this for two years now and my kids love it! Giving them sharp objects and letting them hack away? Awesomeness. Abby and Paul went all out this year with paint and bedazzling. Izzy just wanted to mess with the slop. 
I love this time of year so much. It seems to fly by though so I hope to be better at documenting it! Love this family of mine. The ages of the kids are so fun right now. Everything is so exciting and fun!


 Jared turned 3 a couple weeks ago! We had a Lightning McQueen birthday party at the park for him. He decided about two days before that he wanted a Thomas the Train party... Uh sorry fella.

 We had lots of family come by and a few friends . ^Babies! Dean was the only boy baby there. I'm sure he was loving it :)
Look at all his cousins and friends! And these weren't even all of the ones that were there. We are so lucky to live so close to most of our cousins. 
 Grandpa, Grandma and Nanna with the birthday boy

Biggest hit of the party? Balloons of course. 
We LOVE this boy so much. He tugs at my heart strings every day. Such a sweetie. He gives the best hugs and makes us laugh every day. He's blossomed these last couple months with his vocabulary and willingness to try new things. We are slowly adding in things to his diet, something I thought would never happen, and he is being a great brother to his two sisters. Love our Jared Paul!

See ya!

Pauls brother, Michael, his wife, Beth, and their two kids Caleb and Sarah come to visit Texas at least once a year. They usually come at thanksgiving, we go to Ikea and go camping with the Johnson Family and have a great time. This time they came in July to visit because Michael was assigned to deploy to Turkey with the family for at least two years. It was a super fun visit as always. We had a TON of fun and had a TON of blue bell. You can't get blue bell in Turkey ;) 
 We ditched the kids and headed to dinner one night at BJ's. Did you know you could order a pazookie bigger than anyone ever should order? Yeah, we got that.
We got to celebrate Beth's birthday! That hardly ever had happened before because they always lived so far away. 
 Charlie showed us his skills on the trombone and we tried to get a good picture of the grandkids.

This is Paul's mom and dad and 3 of his 5 siblings. It would have been so much fun to have all the siblings together, but sometimes the distance to travel is too great. We still had a lot of fun. 
Paul had to work the morning we took Michael and Beth to the airport. They sold their house, packed up all their belongings and put them on a ship to Turkey. It was a really sad goodbye and I'm really, really missing Beth right now because usually we'd be emailing and texting getting ready for the camping trip this month....
I know they are having tons of fun in Turkey and it's a really great adventure for them! Its so fun to hear from them and see pictures of a place so far away. Miss you guys!

3rd and 4th

The 3rd and 4th are big deals around these parts. In Midlothian, they celebrate the 4th on the 3rd. I love it! On the 3rd we had the usual get together with food, treats and fireworks. My family was there, Pauls parents were there and a few friends came to join in on the fun. This year the fireworks show was pretty lame for some reason. But the company was great and we had s'mores. All was well.

On the 4th, we went to the parade in town. The kids LOVED it. We had a great time. When we got home we realized we grabbed the wrong key for the car... We got the key with no house key on it... and we went out through the garage which locked on us on the way out. So we were locked out of the house. We called a locksmith who couldn't get the locks open.. so after sitting in the car with the kids for over an hour, he drilled through the locks. Paul ran to the store to get two new locks because both of them were ruined from the guy messing with them. It was such a mess. Needless to say, we bought the same brand of locks because OBVIOUSLY they work. We vetoed the rest of our plans and hung out for the rest of the evening. :)