Monday, December 8, 2014

The Best.

 This is easily my favorite post of the year. I am so in love with these pictures, especially the ones of my kids! I Look at them all the time in complete awe. Stacie (Click link) captured their little personalities wonderfully. The day of pictures, I was sure we would only get a couple good ones. My kids were less than cooperative and I was pretty frustrated about it. Oh ye of little faith. Stacie is a miracle worker! I love her and I'm so sad they are moving away soon. Houston is gaining a wonderful family and great friends!



Simply Sarah *K* said...

Love them!! Absolutely gorgeous, Marhls!

Danielle said...

seriously so perfect! stacie did great but she also had amazing material to work with. i didn't think the last ones could be out done, but it's close! perfect little family. ♥

Mommy B said...

So good! We're finding a chippy old painted building for our next family pictures. For sure.

Also, tell your kids to stop getting big until I see them again. Thanks!