Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sweeping Up

How do you clean your kitchen? Do you have a process? I have to start from the top and work my way down. I have a system. Unload the dishwasher, load it, wash the extras, wipe off the counters, sweep and then mop if I need to. It really pains me to have to do something I usually do at the end (like sweeping) before the counters are clean.

Thats how I feel about this blog right now. I have actually lost a ton of pictures from the first several years of our marriage. They were on our old lap top and I'm still working to get those back. So here I am, starting with sweeping.

These pictures were taken by my sweet friend, Stacie, while she and her family were in town for the weekend. I love her work. The original day we were supposed to do pictures, it rained. A ton. She was so kind to reschedule for a later date but of course we were under a wind advisory that day. ((((SO WINDY!))))
Through Stacie's magic hands, we were able to get these sweet pictures.

     (We later found out that Izzy had a double ear infection this day. She normally has a good amount of scowls and hate looks for.. well everyone.. but this day was rough. Magic hands!)

I love them. I'm so thankful for each member of our family! The kids each have such unique and yet huge personalities that bless us (and drive us crazy) each day.

Hopefully I can find more pictures of 2015 to share. I know they will be out of order which will drive me nuts, but the moments are great and the memories need to be remembered. 2015 was a great year for us!<3 p="">


Sarah Kirchmann said...

Posting out of order is what's keeping me from blogging more, too!! And I want to document it all! May just have to dive in, huh?? Cutest picture....and that Izzy is a rockstar for getting thru it with ear infections!!

Danielle said...

these are such great pictures. i love your family!