Sunday, November 2, 2014

Abby's First Day of Pre-k

A couple months before school started, we decided to try and get Abby into pre-k. It was a tough decision for us because she already knew so much and pre-k ain't free... We decided it would be a good stepping stone for all-day, every day kindergarten next year though, so we signed her up and got the very last spot in her school.

Abby was so excited and so nervous but she's loved every day. On the first day of school we all took her in, she gave us all hugs and sat right down to color. It helped that she knew one boy in her class from church, but she still got a little upset once we started to leave. After a little reassurance, we left her in the classroom with several crying kids and a prayer that all would be well. 
When I picked her up from her first day she was so excited to tell me about it. Now every time I take her to her classroom she walks right in and sits down to start her first activity. Such a big girl. She's learning lots of new things that I would have never thought to teach her and she's meeting and learning to interact with new people and kids. I'm so glad we decided to do it and I know she is, too.

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