Sunday, November 2, 2014

Date Night

 My sweet girl has grown up so much.. I can hardly stand it. She's grown into such a little mommy and great helper. Unfortunately, she's been getting sick a lot lately. It seems like every weekend since she's been in school shes been sick. Paul and I had decided that to make up for all the sickness and missed parties/gatherings/fun times he would take her on a date. My goodness this girl was on top of the world. for days and days leading up to the date she would countdown and ask what they were going to do on the date.
 Friday, date night, rolled around and Paul knocked on the door and asked Abby if she was ready to go on a date. He got her flowers and everything. She was more excited than I could possibly explain.
On their date they went to get ice cream and then to build a bear and rode some rides in the mall. Her curfew was 10, so they couldn't be gone forever ;)
I'm so grateful for Paul. He really stepped up and made her night. She had been so sad about all the things she'd missed over the weeks prior, and she was just sick again this weekend where we had to miss a birthday party and our ward truck or treat. I don't know whats going on to cause all this sickness, but it better go away soon!

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