Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve, Eve, Paul and I opened our gifts for each other. That was my favorite part. I loved giving Paul his gifts, even though mine were way better that I got from him. I'm glad we chose to just do that by ourselves before we went from house to house the next couple days to be with family. It was definitely my favorite part!

Christmas Eve I had to work so I met Paul at my moms and we had a fun time with the family there opening gifts and eating hoagies. After, we went to Jamie and Steve's house were we just hung out and spent the night.

Christmas morning was great opening gifts with the Johnson's. Everyone was there except Aaron, Michael and Beth. The little boys were so excited to see what Santa got them. It was so fun to watch them open gifts. Liz surprised Marc with Rock Band, so we ended up playing that the rest of the morning before we headed back to mom's house for dinner with all the extended family.

I'm not going to lie. I was so super stressed those two days with work and trying to have everything perfect for Christmas. It really got to me and kind of spoiled the Christmas spirit for me until Paul and I were talking last night about it all and I realized that this Christmas was the best yet for me. I just needed to open my eyes a little wider and quit stressing out about dumb things.

I love my family and I'm glad I got to spend Christmas with just about everyone in it! I hope you all had a really wonderful Christmas season as well!

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