Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holding Hands Around The World.

Sundays are generally really great days. Since we've been moved to the 9 o'clock session of church, we've been late, and tempted just to stay home. It's nice because sacrament meeting is last in our stake so even if we're late, we still get to go to sacrament meeting. I don't always enjoy RS or Sunday School... But I usually love Sacrament. Last week was no exception.
We had Ward Conference last week. We got there a little late, but in time to get almost all of the lesson in the first two hours. The sacrament meeting started off with all the primary kids singing "Holding Hands Around The World". It was SO cute. They were belting it out. Then we had some really good speakers with great talks.
After church we came home for a while then headed down to Midlothian to check out the house we're moving into in a week and a half then headed to Steve and Jamie's house for dinner and to see Jordan ordained as an Elder.
That was so amazing. Everyone was doing there own thing, being their noisy selves, the kids were running around... but when it came time to ordain Jordan, everything calmed down instantly. You could feel the spirit so strong and you could tell that the men ordaining him really had the keys to do it. I loved sitting there listening. It was so peaceful and warming.
I love Sundays and always have, but it's days like last Sunday that really make life a little easier through out the week.

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YO Adrian&Amy said...

i didn't realize you guys were moving. you should post pictures of your new house. did youguys buy it or are renting? you'll love a house sooo much better.