Saturday, February 28, 2009

Down & Dirty

This week has been so long. It seemed like it would never end. Now it Saturday and I thought it would be totally horrible because Paul's working all day (till 5) then we have Stake Conference.. so once again, no date night for us.

This whole week, one of the kids I nanny was sick (except Friday:) so I went in early almost every day so my boss could still go to work and get things done. He is so much fun and I didn't mind at all. One of the days, his sister was also sick so the 3 of us got to hang out all day.

Tuesday we made a plan for our Anniversary. We're going to stay up in the DFW area in a hotel and do a few fun activities that Dallas has to offer. Then the last Saturday of March (one month from today), we're heading to Colorado for a week. I'm so excited to get away and spend some time with Paul and Michael, Beth, and Sarah. It should be a blast.

Wednesday, my wonderful handy husband fixed our washer! I am so proud of him and he's pretty proud of himself too.. ;) But he does have a right to be! We had already gone to pick out a new, $400 washer and we would have it delivered on Thursday. Paul decided since Lowes was going to pick up our old washer anyway, he might as well take it apart and see how it all works. When he took it apart, he discovered the problem. Agitator Dogs. They're the little guys that keep the middle piece agitating. He called a few places and found someone in Waxahachie that would sell him some. Our bill went from $400 to $10! Awesome.

Friday morning I went over to my moms to get our mail. I'm scared it wont get delivered to where we live because we live in such a weird place, so all our mail goes there until we move again in April. I got to hang out with Theron and Lukas for a while while my mom took a shower. She's watching them while Kurt and Heather are in Kansas for a long weekend. Then, last night Paul and I babysat for Sandee and Jenner so they could go out to Jenner's work party. It was fun to be with our Nephews. I didn't get to spend too much time with them because I had to work till about 7:30, but for the short time I was there, it was great.

Today has been fun so far. It's about 3 o'clock and I feel like I've accomplished a ton. I love that feeling. I feel so worthless when I don't do anything, but today has been a good day. Chelsea helped me out by Meeting me at Costco and while my tires were getting balanced and rotated, we can to Sams so I could get a prescription, then took me back to Costco. Thanks Chelsea! It's such a big help having family around. I love it.

Then I came home and got to work. Our house wasn't a disaster, but I haven't mopped it since we moved in. All tile floors (everywhere)-mopping=black socks/feet. I hate that. So I decided to get down and dirty today. I swept, mopped, dusted, picked up, and straightened up everything. It was so nice and relaxing. Now there's laundry going in and out of the washer and dryer then I'll be done! I love a clean house.

It's been a lot of fun living in a house so far, except at night. I hate nights here. we have no blinds, so there are blankets hanging in our bedroom and every other window is bare. It scares me, I'm not going to lie. But, we have plenty of space and two bedrooms. I think we'll be moving in April again.. Back up to UTA area while Paul goes to school then who knows where. Paul likes living in the city and being so close to everything.. Here, we're only close to dead people (we live in the cemetery parking lot).

Anyway, This is all that's happened so far. I'm sure tomorrow and next week will be full of adventures. So until then...

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