Monday, February 2, 2009

On The Move...

We are moving this weekend. There are so many things to be said about it.. But I'm really trying to stay positive. The bad thing is, those 'positive' things have their negative sides too.

I really wanted to move to Utah. A fresh start. A new place. A way for us to just get away. It seemed ideal. It still seems ideal, but it's not an option right now. I guess we're just really not supposed to be there now. But it feels so right... Gah.

So we're moving to Midlothian Friday & Saturday. I'm not all that excited about moving when we will be moving again in just a few months. I want to be settled somewhere.

It will be weird living there. We're just renting a house for a short time. We will be in the "Johnson Ward" aka Waxahachie 2nd. It's going to be so different, but hopefully good.

I'm kind of indifferent about leaving our ward here. I never really gave it a chance honestly. I never really reached out my hand to try to get to know anyone. I never made a really good friend. Part of me wishes I had just one more month here. There are some really amazing people in our ward. Sis. Butler, for example, probably doesn't even know me, but I know her. She has said some of the most wonderful comments I've ever heard. Her husband is in the Bishopric and she is such a strong lady who has been through so much. Suzy, another amazing woman, was a lady I visit taught. I don't know why, but I didn't get out to see her every month. She just had a baby, and has the most beautiful family ever. Sis. Dalkey was my visiting teacher. She never missed a month. Ever. She is the kindest, most sweet hearted person out of the whole ward. Our ward has the most adorable kids in it. I love to watch the kids. I love to watch them tease and laugh and play and giggle during sacrament meeting even if they aren't being reverent. Part of me wishes that I was able to serve in the Primary with them. I bet that would be amazing.

Anyway... We're moving... And it's going to be really hard at first, but it helps that we are moving into a familiar place. We will be close to family... That will be good, especially when we have a baby... hopefully at the end of this year or beginning of the next... I want one more then I've ever wanted anything else.

The best news is... Paul and I have already decided that after we move out of Midlothian, we will be moving into a 2 bedroom apartment... You know what that means? :D


Chelsea said...

yay! it will be good, hard, but good! its always nice to be a little bit away from family so that you can be your own family! i havent gotten to experience that either! But im really glad you guys are staying around, even though i dont see you much! i would really miss you if you went to utah! and i want to be around when you have a baby!! i cant wait for that! you'll be fine though! you and paul and so strong and have such a good relationship, no matter where you go, at least you have each other!!

themacdonnells said...

... an office? ;)

marlee said...

Ha. I'm still waiting on Beth to say that she's going to move in :D

Thanks Chels, I'm sure it'll be good staying around here for a little while longer :)