Thursday, April 9, 2009

Colorado And Lyla

We had a blast in Colorado. There was snow most of the time, but it was still not cold enough to bundle up. It was awesome getting to know Michael, Beth and Sarah. They are such a fun little family. Hopefully they will be blessed with another baby soon because they are such wonderful parents.
We went to a place called Amazing Jakes. There is one in Plano I think... But we went to one in Colorado while we were there. It's mostly for little kids, but was still a lot of fun. Paul and I did a photo booth thing, but we don't have a scanner to put them on here.

Paul and Michael were dying to go play golf, so when we woke up to this a couple of days, they got a little nervous about not being able to play.

This was from the first night we got there. Sarah was so fun to be around. She came down and started jumping on our bed. She has such a funny personality.
We were also able to go to the Denver Temple. We took pictures, but I can't find them anywhere on my camera.. Which is really upsetting because they were beautiful pictures. All the new tulips were out and there was snow.. Gah. The temple was my favorite part of our vacation.
Paul surprised me one day with couples messages, that was our favorite worldly thing that we did!
I loved getting to know Michael, but mostly Beth. She's such an amazing person. It felt really good to connect with someone from the Johnson side of the family so well. She taught me a lot of things and shared some really cool experiences with me.
I don't think there was anything we didn't enjoy about our trip. I am so glad we decided to go up there for our 1st Anniversary!


And THIS is Lyla Fullmer :) She's a beautiful baby. Lyla has a sweet little cry and the cutest little smile. I love to hold her and cannot wait to have one of my own! She is the perfect new piece of the Fullmer Family.
Sorry, you can probably tell this was a quick post. I don't have much time, but I wanted to post something! Hope you all are doing well! This is all for now.

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