Thursday, January 21, 2010

Abigail's Room

I wanted to share a few pictures of our preparations with Abigail's room and things. They aren't in order really, but it will give you an idea! Only 4 more weeks till she gets here (unless she would like to come early:)!

Paul loved putting together her stroller..

And carrying up all this heavy stuff! :) This high chair is solid wood and the pack n play wasn't exactly light. I took care of the bouncer though! ha ha.

Heres the finished product of the travel system Paul put together!

And heres the bouncer I got to put together!

Setting up the crib was a little more frustrating then fun, but well worth it! We bought this crib about a year ago and it's just been in a closet waiting for this fun time in our lives! The diaper holder wont be on the front like that... I'm going to try and find a satin hanger, tie the end of the diaper holder on it and hang it on the wall. I just can't seem to find a satin hanger anywhere!

My mom got this cute bedding for Abigail. I love it so much.. Hopefully we have lots of girls so we can use it over and over! (Although, while browsing through babies r us, we found some adorable baby boy bedding!)

Chelsea gave us this little shelf thing with the baskets. Theres still another basket I need to get from her, but it's super cute.

We didn't set this up yet because we wont need it for a while, but this is the high chair we got. We like how classy it looks. Hopefully it will turn out to be a good buy!

We also didn't set our pack in play up yet. It will go in our room for the first few months when she comes home with us! Then she will be nice and close whenever she wakes up in the night.

Theres a few odds and ends that we still need to get but I think we have all the essentials! Thank you everyone for all the wonderful gifts! I actually have everyones thank you cards written out and ready to give, I just need to hand them out! Hope all is well. We are so excited!


Melissa said...

you should try Burlington coat factory, home goods, or ross for a silk hanger. they might sell them separately or with some cheaper outfit. you have awesome stuff! that baby is going to riding in style

The Garcia Family said...

The bedding is ADORABLE!

Donnie and Jennilee said...

oh my gosh you have such good stuff!! im so jealous you are having a girl!! so awesome!!

Shannon said...

I have a satin hanger! It's a child size one, so not sure if it is big enough, but it's worth a try right? And possibly solving your problem for free :)