Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last of the hospital...

Here are the last of the pictures from the hospital!

Going home: take 2! The nurse had us put Abby in her car seat to sit for about 2 hours before we went home. They kept asking us if we were feeling ok or having any anxiety with her in her car seat. Paul and I were totally fine with it, we just wanted to put her in the car and head out of there! (She looks so tiny in this picture!)

The nurse then walked us out and helped us strap Abby in the car and make sure everything was fastened right.

So little! She still looks a little yellow in these pictures!

She's had a few baths now... And really doesn't like them at all yet. Now that her umbilical cord has fallen off she can lay in the water so she may like it better now but she hasn't had a bath since it's fallen off so I don't know yet.
I love this picture. It looks like she's trying to tell Paul "Daddy, please make mommy stop with the baths!"

Once again, much happier once it's all over!

We love being parents! Abigail is 3 weeks old today! She's going through a growth spurt so theres lots of crying the past couple days. It's been pretty overwhelming for me. Today I asked Chelsea to come for a couple hours to help me out. Of course during those couple hours she was perfect and as soon as she woke up to eat at 6 she cried till she ate again at 8. I found out I'm only making about half as much milk now so I'm going to get some Fenugreek vitamins tomorrow (they help your milk supply increase).
Other then the lack of milk and an upset baby things are great though. She's still a great baby and I can't wait till she's out of this growth spurt in a couple days.


Ashley said...

How exciting... I hear eating Oatmeal helps your milk too.. and LOTS OF WATER. That's so great you are nursing her. She definitely has the Johnson lips! haha. So beautiful. Congrats again...

dani-yellie said...

She is so darling! I can't wait till to finally she her this summer! Hope she doesn't grow too fast ;)
Sorry, I don't have any "mothery" tips for ya lol Haven't gotten to that point in my life yet!
take care girl(s)!

Kailey said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful.