Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Colorado was our 1st and 4th stop on our vacation. We LOVE to visit Michael, Beth, Sarah and now Caleb! We were extra excited to get to meet Caleb for the first time. I couldn't find my camera the last time we were there, but luckily Beth took some picture of Abby by Caleb that I'll have to post later! He's such a cutie.

We stopped at M&B's house on the way back so we could spend a few more days with them and we are SO glad we did. Every time we go there, they are so accommodating and chill and just a blast to hang out with. Since we don't get to see them often, we cherish the time we have there even if it's spend hanging out at the house or even watching tv. :) It's always a great time.

We were able to go on the Air Force base for an Independence Celebration while we were there. (Michael is now a Capitan in the Air Force. Pretty cool.)
There was tons of food and fun to be had by all. And best of all, it was completely free! Sarah got her arm painted and when I asked her to hold it up this is what she did :)

Paul found some big guns... Good thing they weren't loaded.

There was a Black Hawk Helicopter there that we could sit in and take pictures and eventually we got to watch it take off. It was awesome!

And this is Abby by little Caleb. He's super long and skinny and a-dorable. Abby was never as light as he was when we were up there, so I felt like I might break him every time I picked him up!
Sarah is such a great big sister. She's absolutely hilarious in just about everything she does!
We had so much fun visiting in Colorado. It's so beautiful there and we would LOVE to live there some day... Yes.. Some day... :)

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