Sunday, October 10, 2010


Abby is going to be 8 months in 1 week. It makes my stomach hurt to see how fast she is growing. She is such a joy, though. I love all the new things she is doing (which I will tell you in my 8 month post about her in a week :). She's starting to keep us on our toes for sure!
These 3 pictures are from Abby's first swinging experience. She didn't really care to much about it, but she didn't ever cry. She was just super chill in there looking around! It was fun to meet a few friends and have my sister come down to go with us. Next time we'll choose a better park because this one was pretty crappy!
Last weekend was the first time I've been away from Abby for a night since she was about a week old (when she was in the nicu). I tried not to think about it too much, but once I met Paul to leave them for the night I just couldn't contain myself. Yeah I'm pretty much a baby when it comes to my babies! I wanted to take them both with me so bad!
This is how we find Abby every morning now. Don't be alarmed, Paul so graciously moved her bed down today after church. The first morning I walked into this, it scared me to death. I was half asleep just going to check on her and all I saw was a little girl on the verge of flipping out of her bed! eek! She still climbs up and stands, but just her head sticks over now. She is so tall!
Speaking of the Absters... She's crying. Time for mommy duty.

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