Monday, December 27, 2010

The Giving of Thanks

For Thanksgiving, we went camping! We only stayed down there for one night because:
  • It was our first time with Abby
  • Paul had school the night we were supposed to go
  • and the last night we were supposed to stay, it was going to be in the 20's, so we peaced out the rest of the Johnson clan
We go camping every other year with the Johnson's, then on the other years we stay in the indoors with more of a traditional Thanksgiving with my family. We love doing both!
Camping is something not many people do for turkey day, and it's always a fun reaction when you tell people. So we traveled on down to Huntsville, TX with our car bursting at the seams to camp for ONE night. We had so much fun!

The first day (Thanksgiving) we were there it was like.. 80! Then at about 3pm, we heard some fierce winds a comin our way, so we took cover because initially, we thought it was a storm. All the sudden this burst of wind comes and the temperature dropped to the mid 40's! It was so awesome. Everyone started scrambling for their jackets and jeans.
Thursday night was pretty dang cold. We were worried about Abby staying warm in her pack in play, so we did everything we could think of to keep her insulated. She slept pretty well, but when one baby cries in a campsite, it wakes every baby in the campsite. A baby (who will not be named... just linked to) woke up hungry, then Abby woke up and it took a long while to get her back to sleep. We felt so bad because everyone heard her. After getting her back to sleep, everything went pretty smoothly, though.
Friday morning we rand to Walmart to get a few things, went for some fun bike rides, and cut up some more fire wood.
Grandpa thought it'd he'd put the kids to work. They loved it!
These are all our tents set up. Ours was the gigantic one in the middle. So tall you could stand up in! A special thanks to my brother and sil for letting us borrow it! It sure did make the middle of the night experience a lot easier to deal with. Not to mention, the rain (that I forgot to mention)!
We really did have such a great time! Hopefully next time we camp, it wont be so freezing cold at night.. We loved spending time with the family, and getting to see Paul's Brother and Sister in law that live in Colorado! Can't wait till our next camping trip when we'll probably have two kids. What an adventure that will be! :)

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