Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Pops

One of the many perks from Paul working at Peisner Johnson and Co is always getting to have an awesome Christmas activity. This past Christmas we were able to go to the Dallas Symphony and see "Christmas Pops" with Marvin Hamlisch. The show was awesome. I really love going to see things like this, but it's never something that we think of doing, so I was extra excited to go see what it was all about. Marvin Hamlisch directed and man was he awesome. He's such a great M.C. and really kept the crowd going with his quick whitted comments and interaction with the crowd. There were some excellent performers, too. Two teenagers from a nearby high school came and did their own rendition of Greensleeves with a vibraphone and a violin. It was amazing! I really could sit and listen to talented people play their insturments all day long. I guess thats the band nerd in me. There was also a little girl, she was 10 I believe (Mikaela Schneider) who sang Ave Maria. It was the most beautiful thing. I've never heard that song sung so beautifully. (Again, I could sit and listen to choirs or soloists all day.. that would be the choir nerd in me!) Also the orchestra and choir were beautiful and flawless. Mr. Hamlisch introduced the choir as the Motab. ha.
We are so glad we were able to go to this wonderful performance with PJco. It was such a treat!

Oh my! I almost forgot to tell you about the dinner we were treated to before hand! (holy mother of brag time) We were able to eat (with PJco) at the Opus Restaurant just inside the Dallas Symphony building. It was a buffet with the yummiest food I've had in a very long time! If the food had be sitting out for more than about 20 minutes, they would replace it with a fresh dish of it! So awesome. Yeah, we were super spoiled that night. :)

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