Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FaiL- 10 Months!

Apparently, I never posted that Abby turned 10 months. Well, Surprise! She made it... and is now almost to 11 months! Sheesh.
Anyway, for her 10 month post, here's what happened in month 9:
  • Abby learned how to walk! (Which is what I completely and whole heartedly blame my lack of blogging to. It's non stop around here!)
  • She has added "Nana" to her vocabulary.
  • She finally started to wave goodbye and clap her hands.
  • I think this is when she got two more teeth.. Uhhh... *dur*
  • A long with walking came climbing... and a whole lot of bonks.
It's been a lot of fun around here with Abby learning such a big milestone! Shes everywhere, getting into everything, and being cuter (a word?) than ever. Shes started playing peek-a-boo constantly using what ever she can to hide her eyes then come out from behind it and say "DA!" or "AH!" nice and loud.
Stay tuned till next week when I get to write about her 10 month progress! My baby is getting too big!

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