Sunday, June 26, 2011

TOFW: Choose To Become

A couple months ago I had the great privileged to travel to San Antonio with my sisters and mom to go to Time Out For Women. It was such a fun girl's weekend. There were so many great musical numbers and speakers there. There's really nothing that can compare to the spiritual nourishment that happens in the two short days of being with people of your same faith, with your same worries, trials, tribulations, and thing's weighing on your hearts. They get it. And when we all ban together something fabulous happens that I really can't explain. The spirit is felt there so strong. You leave with your cup overflowing and you learn how to keep your cup full and your soul nourished. There's this fire that burns within- it makes your heart feel like it might burst. You learn to let the little things go and to focus on the things that matter.

Usually we're working TOFW and don't really get to sit and listen very much. This time we were able to sit and enjoy the full two days of speakers and musical numbers. It was so wonderful to get to experience the part of TO that most people get to. But I have to admit, it is really great getting to see both sides of it.

I can't wait till it comes back to Plano next year. Hopefully baby Jr will cooperate and be an awesome baby so I can work it with my sisters and mom again. It really is such a great experience.

While we were in San Antonio, we were able to go to the river walk a couple times to eat. Boy oh boy do I love me some authentic mexican food. Paul has never been to the river walk. I hope we can go down sometime soon and spend the weekend so we can both enjoy it together. The river walk brings so many great memories for me as a kid and teenager traveling there with school friends and family. If you live in Texas, it's a must visit!

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Danielle said...

LOVE the riverwalk. mmmmm.

cute picture up top - love that all of you went and had a good time. i've only been twice, but both times it was so incredible. you're right, nothing like it.