Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Boy's Shower!!

Seriously, I have some wonderful friends! They threw me a wonderful baby shower last weekend! With all their combined skills, it was absolutely perfect!

Check out this spread of food! It was all incredible. When everyone arrived, we started off by eating this glorious grub!

After we ate, we headed out for a craft! We LOVE to craft together, so this was a perfect addition to the shower. Everyone took a couple letters and decorated them. The theme of Jr's room is "ABC's". I am so stinkin' excited about this and getting it on the wall! I think the letters all turned out fabulous!
Then on to gifts. This baby is seriously so spoiled already (and he's still got another shower next weekend from my sisters!) We got so many wonderful boy things!

I'm so grateful to have these wonderful gals in my life. They are so much fun to be around all the time. We really have formed more of a sisterhood than friendship. Thank you guys for spoiling my little guy so much with these gifts, and spoiling me with the wonderful shower! Love you girls!!