Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Jr.

(I wish this was my stretch mark free belly... )
I was just thinking today that I've blogged maybe twice about this little boy making his debut in 4 weeks!
Baby boy still doesn't have a name.. And wont till we see him. Nothing we have come up with sounds right, so I think we need to see that precious face of his before we can give him a name. It's so weird, because I've known since I was a teenager that I wanted Abby to be Abby (Abigail). It's been tough to not know the name of this baby! We'll have to wait till after he's born to make all those cute baby name things.
Every appointment has gone great. He's been developing just like normal. Jr is measuring a bit big so we'll be having him a week early (just like we did with Abby). So now D-day is October 26th as long as he stays on the track he's on developmentally wise.
This pregnancy has been a little rough on me. Abby's pregnancy was a breeze. I was sick the first trimester and felt wonderful the rest of the time. I've been sick 95% of this pregnancy it seems. But after about 25 weeks of it I accepted it and moved on. Once I accepted it, the pregnancy got so much easier. I stopped asking "When will the feeling good part come?!" (well for the most part.)
So now we've got the nursery mostly set up, just needs to be decorated. I've had one fabulous baby shower (that I'll post about.... maybe tomorrow) and my sisters are throwing me another one next weekend for this spoiled baby boy! I really am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends! I'm loving all the blues, greens, and browns! It's so different to have 'boy' things around.
We are way excited about this little guy coming. Hopefully he'll surprise us at 37 weeks. We'd all love that!! :)


themacdonnells said...

So excited for Jr. Jr. to come!!

Danielle said...

can't wait to see that big guy!