Tuesday, July 22, 2014


My pretty awesome husband turned 27 in June. I was so, so excited to celebrate this guys big day. Not only does it mean hes older than me and I can give him a lot of crap for it (for 6 months), but he is so deserving of a little spoilage every now and then. 
I told him the day before that we all needed to be ready and out the door by 10 am. He was so confused... And not very happy that he had to be up and ready so early :) 
So we got all ready and ventured off to Cedar Hill. Paul and I went to Ellen's Amusement a few times on dates so I thought it would be fun to take our kids there. It was a hit! The kids had a blast and it wasn't unbearably hot, so that was a major pro. 

When we got home, it was lunch time and the kids were spent but I'd promised them that daddy would open gifts when we got home. So Paul dug into gifts. This year he got ceiling speakers (to upgrade his surround sound), his driver re-gripped, and a new grill cover. He was pretty dang excited, mostly about the ceiling speakers :)


After gifts comes cake. Yep, we had cake and ice cream for lunch! Happy birthday, kiddos! 

Once we got down on some birthday cake, the kids went to bed and we cleaned up and got ready for a hot date...

Paul and I went to Cheesecake factory where we were seated ----> thisclose <---- a="" after="" and="" be="" but="" dinner.="" edge="" fun="" grapevine="" headed="" it="" mills="" movie="" next="" of="" out="" p="" people="" still="" the="" theater="" to="" tomorrow.="" turned="" watched="" we="">

Happy birthday to this great man of mine! I love you, Paul!


Danielle said...

what a fun birthday for your man! ♥

Danielle said...

hi mahrls. want me to fix your blog? you have weird letters in there. :)

love ya.