Sunday, November 2, 2014

See ya!

Pauls brother, Michael, his wife, Beth, and their two kids Caleb and Sarah come to visit Texas at least once a year. They usually come at thanksgiving, we go to Ikea and go camping with the Johnson Family and have a great time. This time they came in July to visit because Michael was assigned to deploy to Turkey with the family for at least two years. It was a super fun visit as always. We had a TON of fun and had a TON of blue bell. You can't get blue bell in Turkey ;) 
 We ditched the kids and headed to dinner one night at BJ's. Did you know you could order a pazookie bigger than anyone ever should order? Yeah, we got that.
We got to celebrate Beth's birthday! That hardly ever had happened before because they always lived so far away. 
 Charlie showed us his skills on the trombone and we tried to get a good picture of the grandkids.

This is Paul's mom and dad and 3 of his 5 siblings. It would have been so much fun to have all the siblings together, but sometimes the distance to travel is too great. We still had a lot of fun. 
Paul had to work the morning we took Michael and Beth to the airport. They sold their house, packed up all their belongings and put them on a ship to Turkey. It was a really sad goodbye and I'm really, really missing Beth right now because usually we'd be emailing and texting getting ready for the camping trip this month....
I know they are having tons of fun in Turkey and it's a really great adventure for them! Its so fun to hear from them and see pictures of a place so far away. Miss you guys!

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