Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anne Frank & Dracula

I'm super excited for tomorrow. I'm getting off work at 5:30 so Paul and I can go see Diary of Anne Frank for my online Drama class! It's way up at the northwest campus, but it should be good! I love to learn about the Holocaust so this is an extra treat. I've read just about every book I can get my hands on about it. Paul thinks I'm weird, but it's VERY interesting!

And next weekend we're going to see Dracula for one of Paul's classes.

Saturday is also exciting because Kyle's getting married in the Dallas Temple and we get to go to all the fun family things all day. It should be a great time!

I decided to make another play list for my little blog here. Some of the songs I couldn't find edited.. sorry!


Johnsons said...

I love reading about the Holocaust too. Have you ever read "Night," by Elie Wiesel? It's fantastic... If you want me to bring it this weekend I can. :)

Becky Rogers said...

Hey girl,
long time no see. I am so glad I can connect with your we can keep in touch!