Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference

Saturday night Paul and I went out on our date night. This is a mandatory thing that we do just by ourselves every Saturday night so we can spend quality time together and get to know each other just a little more. It's really really wonderful to just sit there with him and to enjoy each other's company. So we went to BJ's Brewhouse. This was our 2nd time to go.. It's probably the best pizza you could ever get and they have really great root beer! After dinner, Paul went to the Priesthood session at the Dallas Stake center so I could hang out with Chelsea while they were in the meeting. Chelsea and I just walked around Target and had a good time. Coen and Emma are getting so big. I love them so much! Coen's going to be 4 on our birthday in January! I can't believe it! After the boys were done we went to Sheridan's because I remembered it being really yummy.. but it wasn't all that great.
Sunday conference was really good. We went to the Dallas Stake center again to be with my family. We have a long standing tradition to get together on the Sunday sessions of conference and eat enchiladas. They are really, really good! We got to telling a few stories and Paul couldn't believe it. He was laughing so hard and on the way home he said "I can't believe you guys did all that crazy stuff! The most Jordan and I ever really did was have a butter fight that got everywhere!" It was so so so funny. I'd forgotten about a few things. I always remember us fighting.. like most siblings do.. but then we started reminiscing.. and it was like we were great friends growing up! I love my brothers and sisters! :) .. And mom, I guess I love you too.. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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