Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend...

“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.”
-Alex Noble

I have so many ways that I want to start out this post... I think I will start by pointing out a flaw I have... I like to be noticed. Not in a flashy, "look at me" kind of way, but in an appreciative kind of way. I like to feel appreciated. And when I feel like credit is due, I like to give it. When people do things that I like, I like to point that out. I feel like everyone should be like me. (How boring would that be! Haha) I did a really big, in depth project that took a long time and I didn't get recognized. There was no criticism on either side of the spectrum. I think I would just rather have negative comments made about my project then nothing.
Anyway. That was the negative. Now the positive.
This past weekend was amazing. My favorite part, as always, was going to the temple with my husband. We also went with my Paul's Parents, Grandma, and Aunt Cheryl. I love the temple and the feelings that I get there. I think of things that I haven't thought of in years, and feel emotions I didn't even know I could feel. It's such a peaceful, reverent place that I love to retreat to. We went to the temple Saturday afternoon after we were able to sleep in for a bit.

Saturday evening we went to Talisa and Blake's reception. It was so beautiful and made me wish that we had done something like that for our reception. I told Paul we had to do something fun and beautiful like that for our 50th anniversary. We have lots of time to prepare. :) Talisa and Blake looked beautiful and so happy. I loved seeing them together and getting to meet Blake.

Sunday we went to church... I was really excited to go and teach my new class. I was called to teach the CTR 6 class (5 year olds turning 6 this year) the Sunday before. There are 12 in my class, about 10 of which are active. I was a little nervous, but excited. Our church meetings are backwards from the way we grew up. It's Primary (For Paul, Priesthood, then Sunday School), then Sacrament Meeting. By the time I got to sacrament meeting I was warn out, beat down, and ready to give up. 10 little 5 year olds are tough to manage, much less teach. They are smart though and I really give props to their last teacher and obviously I need a few pointers... In sacrament meeting I was asked to give the opening prayer and I had a really tough time getting though it. I was so thankful for Paul after I got back to my seat to take the sacrament and listen to the talks because I couldn't hold it together anymore and Paul was there comforting and supporting the whole time even after church until I felt better. He's the best and I really don't know what I'd do without him as my husband.

Sunday night we went to my moms house for a little get together. Coen helped mom make ice cream and all the nieces and nephews were awesome. I love them so much and I can't wait to give them another niece or nephew to grow, play with and love. I'm so excited for them because they will have many cousins to grow up with, gain support though, and bond with... Something that I didn't have. My Mamaw and Papaw came over so we could all visit with them. I'm growing more and more thankful for our big family gatherings.

Monday we went to Jamie and Steve's (Paul's parents) house for lunch and games. There family is fun, big, supportive, and rarely dull. I'm learning to appreciate and get used to them and their ways as time goes on. It was fun to spend time with our nephews on that side of the family and see their fun personalities.

Monday evening Paul and I ate at yummy Houlihan's and then went and played volleyball with a few friends that we usually play with on Thursday nights. I love volleyball. And Paul. And since we both love to go play, and we both love that we get to do something we both love together... we play whenever we get the chance! :D

I'm glad we were able to have a long weekend to relax and enjoy out family and friends. Here are a few pictures from this past weekend. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

what did you do that didn't get recognized or commented on? I hope it wasn't anything I missed and didn't mention! I'm not the best in the world at "noticing" things....so if I hurt you, I'm sooo, so sorry. I think you're one of the most awesome, capable, intelligent young women I know. and no, I'm not saying that because you're my sweet little girl, I'm saying it because it's absolutely true. you constantly amaze me with your depth, your spirit, and your sense of humor. I absolutely adore you! you are an inspiration to me in so many ways.

I love you...

marlee said...

It for sure wasn't anything you did mom. Or anyone else that I'm related to! No worries. And it's really not a big deal... I really just needed to vent!
I love you too!