Monday, August 3, 2009

The Healing Power of Music.

Music is one of the greatest things ever. I've always loved music, all different kinds but it's only every once in a while that it hits me and I realize just how powerful it is.

When Paul left on his mission, I wasn't heartbroken. I wasn't devastated. I was super excited for him and even more excited to write him while he was gone and also get letters back so I could be a witness of the transformation that goes on while you serve the Lord so fully. I remember that just a few days into his mission, I got really lonely. I had (and have) a wonderful bestie, Dana, who helped me daily stay focused and upbeat. I don't think she will ever know how much I appreciate her and all she did and does... About a week into Paul being gone, I made this cd with a ton of songs on it that reminded me of him and the emotion of the songs were put in order to go with the feelings I felt every day that went from literal pain to appreciation to sadness to the memories I lived on and so on. Girls have a lot of feelings! :) I would listen to this cd every morning and through out the day and I believe it was one of the main reasons I was able to stay put together. I had my occasional cries, but only let them last so long. Anyway, that was way more detail then I planned on going into... But I went to my moms last weekend for her surprise party and went through some cds that I'd left there and found this cd. You can tell it was a frequently played cd. I started listening to it this morning and I remember the days while he was gone. I remember the feelings I felt and the amazing transformation I went though while he was gone. Music is amazing.

Sorry about this little random burst... I'm just really thankful for music :)

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dani-yellie said...

little random bursts are the BEST!!! gotta share your feelings somehow ;) i really did enjoy reading it. love you girl!