Thursday, September 10, 2009


I really wish we had a scanner so I could put up ultrasound pictures and such. When we bought our printer, we thought there was a scanner on top, but it's strictly to make copies, so don't be fooled.

We are still preparing to have a baby. Saving, making decisions, going to doctor appointments, etc. I hit 16 weeks yesterday and I feel great. I can't believe how quickly my pregnancy is passing. It really just seems like we announced to everyone that we're having a baby! And February just sounds like a far away month, but then you remember it's already September and I feel like it's just around the corner! AND we get to find out weather our baby is "blue" or "pink" (as Beth J. says) on October 7th!!!

As of now, I don't even feel pregnant. I made the mistake of taking all 4 of my pills at once, without any food, last Monday and almost threw up in Beaus car... twice. Then I felt a little gross all day, but other then that, it's been a few weeks since I've really been sick. My stomachs getting bigger, but I'm still losing weight. My doctor isn't worried about it though because I wasn't over weight, but I did have a little bit to lose.

Paul is still in school, this semester probably wishing he didn't have to be. He's got a very boring semester right now and he's super ready to be done. But he's doing great, stay busy and is still a wonderful husband to me (as he will always be).

We love our life together and we're very excited about where it's going. I need to work on getting pictures up here because a bunch of words is just boring!


Michael & Beth said...

My vote is for pink! But I think I'll always say that unless we have a boy someday... Little girls are the best - even Michael said so this morning.

I NEED to know what you're having so I can send cute baby things your way. I'm scheming all kinds of things up in my head!

Talk to you soon...

: ) Beth

Chelsea said...

im with beth! i vote "pink"! we need a little abby!! i cant wait either, i need to sew!! hurry up october!! love you!!

marlee said...

My vote is pink too! But I'm sure since I want a pink baby so bad I'll have a blue. That's okay though! Either one thats nice and healthy will be wonderful.
I'll let you guys know asap, promise!

Anonymous said...

Whether blue or pink you will have a blast with it!!!! I am glad you are feeling well, and things are going so good.!