Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Big, Fat Loser!

I want to feel better about my weight. I know I had a baby 7 weeks ago, but it's time to get my butt in gear. I feel motivated and I know I can do it! Today is my first day and I am so excited! I did weight watchers without signing up a little over a year ago and lost a little less then 10 lbs. I feel like maybe since I'm actually paying for it now I will do a lot better at it!
If any of you have any good weight watcher recipes or any good tips, PLEASE leave them! My goal is to lose 30-35 lbs (15 of them are baby weight).
I'm not just going to diet, I'm going to start exercising, too. It's time to get back in shape! If my tummy still jiggles a little, that's fine. One day it wont! :) I feel like if I do a little bit of physical activity every day, I will feel more awake and determined to do more. It will be a great way to start off my days! So any exercise tips are welcomed, too! Really, any tips are!
I wanted to find a cute picture to put on here... and I ran across these two that just made me giggle. Enjoy :)

I can't wait to be A BIG, FAT LOSER!


Sab said...

Buy Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred.
All you need is small hand weights and a mat if you are doing it on a hard surface. Its only 20 minutes and its crazy hardcore. Try it for 10 days on level 1 and I PROMISE you will see a diffrence!! (I'm doing it right now!)

Chelsea said...

hey i have some good recipes too! i have a website i like. ill send it all to you, or you can come over and we can write down some ideas!! you go girl!! i wish you lived closer and we could work out hard core together!!

Paul & Marlee said...

Okay, I read like 100 comments about that 30 day shred and it has amazing reviews. The ones that were only 2/3 stars were complaining because it was too hard and the music was gay.. haha.

Chelsea, pleaseeee send the recipes and websites asap. I agree, I wish we lived closer! It'd be a lot easier to help each other out with this! You are already looking awesome! I just cant wait to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again!

Paul & Marlee said...

Oh and I ordered it with expedite shipping. 5 bucks for the shred and 5 bucks for the fast shipping! Hopefully it's worth it!

Katherine and Brad said...

good luck!!!!

Liz said...

I am SOOOO with you. I have a weight watcher's breakfast, lunch and dinner cookbook that you can have... We don't use it much right now. :)