Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Dreams

Abby has been driving me nuts since yesterday. It's been non stop crying day and night and when she sleeps it's only for an hour tops, but usually less then 30 minutes. I hate it. Hopefully it's just a phase.
She's got this place in between sleep and being awake that she visits often when I'm trying to feed her. I love this place because she smiles a lot. Big, tooth-less smiles and sometimes if I'm lucky she giggles. This video shows just a couple smiles... Not lucky enough for a giggle this time, but one day I'll catch it on camera. When she's driving me nuts and she falls into this place that's not quite her sleeping place, it's like a breath of fresh air and recharges me for about another hour so I can deal with the fussiness a little longer. I thought it'd be fun for all my family to see that lives so far away!


mom said...

what an angel! thank you for posting this marlee! I wish you would call me when you're having a tough day...I'll come if I can! ok? love you so much...and love that precious baby girl! she is adorable.

themacdonnells said...

it's those times when you've had just about enough, and then they go and do something so perfect that make being a Mommy the BEST job ever!!!!

And when she gets older and starts driving you nuts on purpose just wait for her to see how frustrated she's getting you and then bust out with "mommy, I looooove you!" (Theron's a pro, at this) and you'll melt into a fit of laughter and forget how frustrated you are and just how much of your heart that one tiny person holds :)

You can call me too, I can at least bring over lunch or let you get a shower or nap if nothing else!


Jennilee said...

haha, that is cute!! and weither (i can't spell) its gas, or a good dream or whatever it is that makes her smile, its so cute!! i hope things get better, wish i was there to help. text me if you would like to talk, im always home:)

Danielle said...

sorry for all the fussiness - what is it about first born children of the female variety?! i tell ya. anyway, it will end soon, just hang in there! maddy was the exact same and she's the coolest girl in the world now! ♥

Steve and Jamie said...

Absolutely adorable. She looks a little different up close and on camera. Thanks for posting that. Mom (Jamie)