Tuesday, May 25, 2010


(3 months)
I just can't believe how blessed we are to have this sweet baby in our lives. She is so much fun- laughing and "talking" (Oh I love baby talk). She makes the silliest faces and kicks all around when we say "kick kick kick kick!" She smiles as big as she is in this picture every time I get her out of bed, no matter how long she's been in there crying. She loves baths so much now, and seriously throws such a huge fit when I get her out. She loves her daddy so much. She loves her little toy duck, it's her little friend.
I am so thankful for her each and every day. She is such a doll when she falls asleep while I'm holding her. I lover her snuggles, because it doesn't happen too often anymore. She's an awesome sleeper and usually falls asleep best when we just lay her in her bed.
I used to have thoughts like "Man, I wish we would have waited longer to have a baby" because I dearly miss my alone time with Paul. But really, I wouldn't trade Abby for anything and I'm so glad she's in our lives right now. I'm so glad we have such a sweet little girl that we are trusted to raise. Even though Paul and I hardly ever get a moment to ourselves, it sure does make those moments sweeter when we get the chance.

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