Monday, May 24, 2010

Break the Addiction.

No Facebook for ONE week. You think I can do it? ...Neither do I... Well I'm about to shock and awe all of us! Lots to do these next two weeks. Time to get back on track with working out mostly! And my house could use a nice spring cleaning. Good luck to me!

p.s. Encouragement through blog/text will be welcomed :)


Shannon said...

Aww! I am gonna miss yoU! I need to do a facebook fast as well, but I think I just need to cut it down to 30 mins a day...or something. I am on WAAAY too much! I know you can do it!

dani-yellie said...

now just don't wait all that free time on blogging lol thats a problem just me ;)

Stacey said...

Marls, can I just say that I love to read your blog and see updates about Abby and all yall :)
forget facebook..who needs it.
love ya!