Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aaron & Pam Johnson

Paul, Abby and I were able to go to Utah last week for Paul's brother's (Aaron) wedding. Aaron and Pam were married at Eaglewood Golf Course. It was a small wedding on the balcony of the reception hall, but it was absolutely gorgeous. Pam looked beautiful and Aaron looked so handsome. Pam has two kids, Kaylee and Kyler, and Aaron is so great with them.
It was lots of fun being in Utah and getting to visit with extended family. Extra fun meeting all the family members I've never met before! (There were tons :)

Kyler was such a stud ring bearer. :)

Our newest nephew, Caleb, and his big sister, Sarah.
And all Jamie and Steve's grandkids, minus Kaylee, Kyler, and Nate.


Liz said...

SO SAD we missed it! I love the last picture... All the kiddos are too cute.

Shannon said...

Looks fun! What a nice treat to get to see so much family, makes it really feel like summer vacation!

Are y'all back in town yet? I am thinking when you get back (if you aren't already) it's time for another get together!!

Donnie and Jennilee said...

love the pictures

themacdonnells said...

I think Abby looks like you in that last picture! :)

and blogger made me type "uncelo" as the word verification.... I'm not even sure if that's a real word!?!?! :/