Friday, June 11, 2010

Elizabeth Anne: MHS Class of 2010!

Dear Beth,
I can't believe you've graduated high school. We all still think of you as our little, elementary school age, sister. I know that's not really a good thing because some times we treat you that way, too! Sorry about that, but it's just so hard to think that you're grown up and moving into the big bad world!
You are such a sweet, caring, sensitive, honest, trustworthy, amazing daughter of our Heavenly Father. I'm so glad that we were able to grow up together and become such good friends! You are such a great example to me. Every time we actually get a chance to talk, I'm just awestruck at how fast you've grown into such a mature, well rounded adult!
I know you're going to move on and do some great things in your life. You are going to make an awesome wife and mother one day. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!
You have such a sweet testimony that I love to hear. I love how strong you are in the gospel and the great example you set for everyone around you. You have great character and everyone knows they can always count on you!
You're such a great aunt, and a vital member of our family. We are so blessed to have you in our lives!
Love you so much!

It was so fun to go to Beth's graduation. I'm not going to lie, the heat was miserable. Major props to the members of my family out saving seats for everyone! I only had to wait in the heat for about an hour before it started! They've only had grad outside for the past two years. (Have to get some use out of that multi million dollar stadium they built!)
I also graduated from MHS 4 years ago.. Except we got to do it inside the air conditioned Potters House. It brought back so many fun high school memories while I was sitting there watching everyone cross the stage. Especially at the end when we were able to sing the school song. My how life has changed in these past 4 years!
These are some pictures from Beth's graduation. Paul's cousin, Wyatt, also graduated with Beth. So proud of all 520 of you guys! Congratulations class of 2010!

(The last pic is my favorite of all the seniors throwing their hats. That's always my favorite part of the graduation!)

Disclaimer: It was like 300 degrees that night. Therefore, we were all hot and sweaty!

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auntie bef! said...

dearest marlee.
thank you for making me cry.
love me! :)
i heart your face!