Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cutest Sicko

Abby has been sick for about 2 weeks now off and on. The first time she got sick we utilized the humidifier, a vicks vaporizer, and the suction. We also put her mattress at an incline. It seemed to work, but then came back about a day after she recovered even worse and accompanied with a cough. Go figure. Today was doctor day. We found she has pretty bad allergies and a sinus infection. The next 10 days are filled with antibiotic.
The bottom picture is Abby waiting to be seen at the doctor's office. She was making all kinds of faces and haming it up. In the picture above, she was supposed to be eating. I pulled out Paul's phone to play and we came up with that. She's so fun. I love that even though she's sick, she still has fun and smiles and laughs.

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