Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally found the words!

Too bad I didn't think of it myself.

It's a funny, this whole life thing. So much to learn and so many different ways to go. My SIL, Liz, hit how I'm feeling right on the head. I'm so glad she is so eloquent in her words. Oh Liz, just move up here already! Can't wait to see you next week ((Hopefully!))


Shannon said...

Awww...that makes me sad Marlee, I hope you don't have too much to rise above in your life! I hope you know that we love you! I think you're the bees knees and I am so grateful that I was blessed to be your VT b/c I think that helped me see that I wanted to be your friend too!

As far as keeping negativity out of your life...oh boy. Sometimes the hardest thing ever can be making a decision to stop seeing someone that only brings you down. I have had prior friendships like that, and when I was finally able to break away my life became so much more healthy.

anywho...longest comment ever, but know that I love you and your crazy cute little Abby too!

Liz said...

You, my dear, are awesome. I don't think there's anything sad about feeling this way. I think the best of us have to learn to rise above all the negativity in our lives... You know? Without trials we wouldn't know joy. And without the joy then life WOULD be sad! I'm glad I have such a great friend and sister who knows exactly how I'm feeling... And I love that I feel like I can talk to you about anything. I hope you feel like you can do the same. Love you lots! And, counting down the days when we are closer to y'all.