Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Halfway to ONE!

Today is our baby girl's 6 month birthday! A few things about her:

  • she weighs 18 lbs
  • she sits up all the time now
  • she's almost crawling (hopefully by next week!)
  • she will only go to sleep if her left foot is sticking out from under her blanket
  • she only laughs if something is REALLY funny to her
  • she LOVES her daddy
Abby is such a blessing in our family. We are so very blessed to have her. She is happy 98% of the time (and a pill the other 2%, but that's ok :) and makes us laugh all the time. We love her sweet personality and the joy she brings to our home. I can't believe she's already 6 months! Before I know it, she will be walking.


Jennilee said...

isn't crazy man how old they get so fast!!

Sandee said...

So cute! Growing up sooo fast! And so true about the laughing thing--she'll give you the biggest grin in the world, but it takes a lot to get her to laugh! Love her!

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Awe, she definitely a happy, growing baby! Happy 1/2 Birthday Abigail!!!!

Dulce said...

She is such a smiley baby. It reminds me of my niece Arianna.