Sunday, August 29, 2010


For your my viewing pleasure. I love these two :)

I wish I was better about getting off my butt and doing things. I feel like I've gotten waaaay lazy since Abigail was born. I don't know if I should blame it on being exhausted 24/7 or just on my lack of determination. Probably both. It's so much easier to play with Abby or watch tv, and I can tell my house (and body) are suffering from that! So tomorrow my two goals are to:
  • Start working out again. (I used to be really good at that... but then I woke up.)
  • Clean (at LEAST) my bathroom. It's a wreck.
  • Hopefully once I do the first two things, I'll have motivation to do laundry and organize the office area. Disaster!
I feel like since we've decided to move this laziness "lack of determination" has gotten so much worse. We have completely run out of space in this apartment. I'm tempted to start packing, even though we wont be moving for another two months. I haven't really said anything about the place we found, huh? It's a super cute, 3 bedroom house. Huge yard (Paul will be doing the mowing :), nice size living room and dining area, huge closets, and wonderfully sized bedrooms. We really love it, and the people we will be renting from!

I'd love to stay and update some more, but our little princess hasn't been feeling well and I should probably grab some shut-eye before she wakes up again screaming. I have a feeling it's going to be a loong night. Again.


Danielle said...

so not that my house is clean or anything, but one thing i did is assign one thing for each day of the week. monday is my room, tuesday is one bathroom (they only get done every other week)... that way i can not overwhelm myself with everything. (i am easily overwhelmed.) also, i started making my bed and doing the dishes every day. so even if nothing else gets done (the living room is a wreck, whatever), i know i got some things accomplished.

i also think that once it cools down a bit, it'll be easier to go for walks, i'm hoping anyway. this flab has GOT to go.

Sandee said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels so unmotivated! And I would have to say part (not all) of the blame goes to the hot weather! I absolutely hate having to clean and do boring stuff when I'm hot. I thought your idea of planning to do 2 things and hoping to get motivated to do more was a good idea! I've totally done that and it totally worked!! Sometimes I'll tell myself to just do the required things for an hour and then I can read or watch 30 min of tv or whatever sounds fun, then do that again. Sometimes I stop after the hour, sometimes I just get rolling so I keep going before I lose my motivation. And being tired definitely plays a role! Good luck with it! Hope it gets better for you! :)