Monday, October 25, 2010


Earlier this month I was so privileged to be able to not only attend, but to work at Time Out For Women, Plano. For all of you who know what EFY is, it's kind of like that but a two day thing for women. And it was awesome!

My sisters/friends and I had to be at Time Out early and stay late since we all worked it, so we decided to get a hotel room. This was the first time I was going to be away from Abby since she was in the NICU (and now I realize I never really wrote in detail about that.. 8 months later.) Even thought I knew I was leaving her with my wonderful husband, it was still so hard. I was a mess driving up to pick up Chelsea after saying goodbye.
I mean really, who wouldn't miss this sweet face? I wanted to badly to take her with me (which I could have, but I'm not breastfeeding her so she wasn't allowed.) It tuned out to be ok, though.

The first day of TOFW was Friday and it was AWESOME. I just love to sit and be edified in surroundings other than church. Don't get me wrong, church is great and all, but this event was just different. Laughing, crying, clapping... There were so many moments during the day when I would just think "WOW!" Some things that I'd heard before but now they mean something totally different. Last time I went to one of these, I was in high school I believe. My goodness how things have changed!

After the Friday event, a bunch of us went to Chili's. I LOVE MY SISTERS so much. They are just so much fun to be around. We also had a few friends go with us and we had a blast.
(Cortney, Beth, Heather (Olivia in belly :), Me, Chelsea)

Saturday started off early, but great! I was able to pick up Hillary Weeks from her hotel and take her to the event. She is so fun, kind, and genuine. And she also has a daughter named Marley! How cool, huh? The whole day was filled with uplifting moments, great music, and awesome experiences.
I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I had to go to this wonderful event. It was so great to be behind the scenes and get to enjoy so many more aspects. All of the presenters were just awesome and perfect for TOFW. So many women have told me how they heard something that just rejuvenated them and gave them Infinite Hope to keep going. I'm so glad those women were able to go as well.

When I finally got home, the house was s.p.o.t.l.e.s.s., I has some beautiful daisies waiting for me (my favorite) and everything I've been meaning to organize was done (closets, my side of the dresser, Abby's room) I just couldn't believe it. Paul sure did an awesome job with Abby. I love Paul so much and am so grateful that he is so capable of handling Abby and all that she needs. I love that he succeeds at making me happy and surprising me constantly. He's just the best!

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aww all of that sounds awesome, even coming home again!!