Thursday, November 4, 2010

The beginning of Eternity

Three years ago today it was a Sunday like any other Sunday. Paul drove from Milford to Midothian to pick me up for church. I happened to have on my least favorite outfit and of course Paul looked hot in his slacks and long shirt (I love long white shirts for church.) He asked me to bring my patriarchal blessing with me to church... Kind of odd, but I grabbed it and went to his car.
We headed to church, held hands all through Sacrament meeting and Sunday School, then met back up after the last hour of church. Then we jumped in Paul's car and headed home. We passed the exit to my house and went to the park instead.
This isn't just any park, it's a park where we had many very serious conversations concerning "us". So we pull up to the park and he tells gets my patriarchal blessing and his out of his trunk and we head to the park bench to chat.
All the sudden he's telling me all these sweet things and really they are all just a blur, but I remember thinking "This is it!" Paul got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. This was kind of a surprise to be because a few weeks before we were driving and the topic of marriage came up. Of course we knew we were going to get married, but it seemed too fast so Paul jokingly said "Maybe in about 3 years" and said he was going to go back to BYUI. I then told him I wouldn't wait around here for him if he went back there and I definitely wasn't going with him there! And then I was ticked at him for a couple days... :)
We then went to my moms house and shared the very exciting news with them (even though they already knew!) And Chelsea started this blog for me to document the fun engagement times.
The proposal wasn't anything huge, and I don't mind one bit. It was nothing extravagant, but we aren't extravagant people. It was simple and sweet and I'll remember it forever. The park is very close to my mom's house, so every time I got down to visit and pass by that park I think of that sweet, sweet memory when I knew I'd spend the rest of eternity with the man I've cried with, laughed with, and had so many sweet times with.


Danielle said...

okay, for some reason, you and paul are two of my favorite people. seriously. i love you guys - y'all are the cutest couple ever. i am so happy we met!

Jennilee said...

so sweet. ours was pretty similar to that!! love you guys glad im part the family!!

Suzy J said...

I love that story and I love that you posted it. It is there for all your posterity to have now! Perfect!

Suzy J said...

Oh! I love love love your music too! I think I added half of them on my blog. Hope that's ok! I like my blog to have a certain feeling. (like a movie soundtrack!) Love your stuff!