Monday, November 8, 2010

Peisner Johnson Fun Fest!

This past weekend Paul had a work party at the ranch. Peisner, Johnson and Co. really knows how to throw a party! It was at Andy's ranch (Paul's boss and uncle) in Milford, Tx (where Paul used to live and his parents still are). It's about an hour south on 35, North of Waco. It's always a good time when we go to the ranch. We've made some wonderful memories there, and this past one is right on up there with my favorite times at the ranch!
Usually there is a "Spring Fling" where we go down south and have a party, but I guess time got away from the firm and they decided to have this Fall Fest. Instead of the Spring Fling t-shirts, we all got Fall Fest Hoodies. It was carnival themed with lots of games, food, and fun!

These are the hoodies we got with the PJCO logo on them. They even found one for Abby. Its a little big on her, but she was sportin that hoodie none the less.

Since it was Carnival themed, we had lots of games to go play. If you did well, you got a few "PJCo Bucks" and if you didn't do well, then you got one for participating. The more bucks you got the better because at the end of the games...
You got to use your bucks to buy all these sweet items or you could participate in the auction at the end that had some awesome items (movie tickets, gift cards, etc)

Some of the games were:Ring toss, field goal kick, football toss, knock the Gatorade drinks down with the baseball, and a few more.
They had a pop corn machine.
And it wouldn't be a ranch party without the famous hay ride!
There was a bounce house that Abby wasn't too sure about.
Cotton Candy- I'm not sure why, but cotton candy is one of the coolest things ever. I just love it!
These you were able to buy with the PJco bucks. And guess what? I made them all! It was super fun to make them, too. There were pumpkins and scarecrows and a few that I made last minute with grass and candy pumpkins. I loved making them!
Abby was such a sport there. Towards the end she passed out on Paul's chest, but for most of the party, she was awake and so excited to see everything!

We had so much fun! It was a little bit of a drive down there, especially since we went back on Sunday to Paul's parents house who live right down the road from the house for a family dinner, but it was SO worth it.
We are SO grateful that Paul works at the PJCO Firm. Not only is it sustaining our family, it's giving him great work experience for when he graduates from UTA. He's learning things there that will help him for the rest of his career. The people that work there are so great and friendly- a lot of them are people that we've known since we were pre-teen. They are all great examples. And a major plus side- They throw some awesome parties and treat their employees great!


P.S. You see that super cute hat Abby's wearing? That's from her aunt Liz for Christmas. Liz had to give it to her early because Abby's head is getting too big :) And I'm so glad because it was perfect for the chilly day! Thanks so much, Liz!


Jennilee said...

haha you got my dad in two of the pictures!! that all looks like lots of fun! the hat on abby is really cute!

Adrian and Amy said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I wish Adrian's company would do anything remotely close to this. Instead, they prefer pay cuts and benefit cuts....maybe his next job:) and cute hat Liz, that's some talent.

bethanne said...

man i got a dang cute niece! :D