Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Man of the Hour

At the end of December, we were seriously blessed to be able to go to Colorado for my nephew's sealing to his parents, Michael and Beth. They have adopted two beautiful children and we were so excited to go to this wonderful milestone in their lives.
On December 31, we headed to the temple. It was so beautiful outside with all the snow. Caleb was all dressed in white and looked so handsome. Something a bit unusual, but absolutely wonderful, was that Caleb's birth grandparents were able to come to the sealing. The sealer himself had a granddaughter give a baby up for adoption, and was traveling the next day to see that baby baptized! After the ceremony, Caleb's birth mom came to the temple and we were able to meet her and spend some time getting to know her. It was the most beautiful awkward situation ever. Here is this beautiful girl who made a mistake that blessed our family more than she could ever know. And we got to meet her! Things are looking up in her life and she's now in Utah going to college.
Sarah (also adopted) and Caleb
Beth and Caleb. So happy.

Birth Grandparents, Jill (Birth mom), Beth, Michael (Paul's brother) Sarah, and little Caleb.
Jill and Caleb :)
Beth, Caleb and Jill (birth mom :)
The whole experience was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I really believe that it takes the most faithful to handle the hard and what a hard thing this was. Jill is wonderful and we are so happy for her to be doing so well. We really only wish her and her family the best. That's all they deserve for blessing Michael and Beth with this beautiful baby boy.
We are so glad we were able to go up to Colorado for this and didn't talk ourselves out of it because of all the bad weather. It was an experience we will never forget and hopefully we'll be able to attend another one for Michael and Beth soon :)

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Anonymous said...

the whole situation brings a lump to my throat each time I think about it. what a special young woman to be able to do "the hard thing" when it would have been so easy to make another choice. so happy for Michael and Beth, and you and Paul for being able to attend. gives new meaning to "eternal families" when you see the hand of the Lord move in this way. :)
love you,