Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Confessions of an Unbalanced Women- 3

  1. I've decided that the best part of church is when the young men pass the sacrament. Another ward's men are meeting for priesthood in the gym and theres only those movable wall/curtain things dividing us from them. Picture this, silence in the chapel (or only one baby crying), and then all the sudden these mighty men start singing their opening hymn. It's beautiful and warms my heart every single Sunday.
  2. I hate it when there are 3 lanes of traffic- one for turning left, two for going straight, but in the right hand lane you can turn right at a red light, you know? No matter what day it is, if I'm running late and need to turn right onto a street there is always that one boso that wanted to sit in the right hand lane to go straight when theres about 30 cars behind him that need to turn right. Annoying.
  3. I got flowers yesterday for Valentines Day. We never, EVER do anything for v-day... probably because out anniversary is next month and my birthday was last month. Poor husband of mine. Anyway, I woke up to roses on the kitchen table and it brightened my day so much and made me feel so loved that he would run to the store and come back all before leaving for work so early in the morning.
  4. I eat so many sweets a day it's not even funny. And I keep making sweets.. that doesn't help this waistline problem I've had for the past year now.
  5. I leave the water running all the flippin time. No, I am no water saving hippy... Obviously.
  6. I only shave my legs maybe once a week... Maybe. Luckily, I'm already married for an eternity so he can't run away.... too far. (you would think with how long I run the water in the shower I'd be shaving my legs every day.. but no. It's really just to get away. like an oasis in my bathroom.)
  7. I love my girlfriends. They make me laugh and cheer me up so much. I've been thinking about the past year a lot with planning Abby's First birthday party. I just can't believe how much they helped me out. It was the little things, mostly, that have left a lasting impression in my life. Don't get me wrong, my family helped me out more than anyone. They were always helping. But I just wanted to brag about my friends for a little bit. Mmkay?
  8. Paul and I are still so ridiculously immature. And I love it. We laugh about the most inappropriate things. I feel like I've written about this before.. But alas, it keeps our marriage going.
  9. Paul and I are also very dramatic.. But on purpose. We like to dramatize things until they can't be blown up anymore. On purpose. And we both know when something is dramatized. It usually ends with a lot of laughter.
  10. Yesterday, Paul started a conversation with "Did you hear me tearing up that bathroom today?" I had to convince him that was not a good conversation started.. Again, after a lot of laughing.
    (I'll probably get in a lot of trouble for this last one. oh well ;)


Suzy J said...

love love love lovvvvveeee it! Me and B are super immature and dramatic too! I get in trouble all the time. I don't care. I can't wait for my kids to read the stuff that got me in trouble when I am gone and have an insight into my life and what made me, me! You are amazing my dear! (and paul isn't to bad either!)

Danielle said...

i hate that this keeps saying 'unbalanced.' to me, you are WAY balanced. lol. storytime tomorrow? be there, be square. right? xoxo

themacdonnells said...

yeah, have you met my husband?? your brother is also still very immature and it makes for a more fun marriage and better daddy :) Love you guys! You are definitely one of my fave couples to watch! haha!

Donnie and Jennilee said...

haha love you guys!!