Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Abigail

I've been seriously dreading writing this post for the past month. For two night before Abby's birthday I couldn't sleep. All I wanted to do is go hold my little baby for a little longer before she turned 1! She is so precious to us, and it's so sad to me that shes already gone through a year of her (hopefully) many, many years.

Facts about Abby:
  • She weighs 22 lbs
  • She is 30 inches long
  • She knows how to say "mama, dada, dog, hi, and thnk tou (thank you)
  • She runs everywhere, she over walking
  • When we say "I'm gonna get you!" she runs away and hides while laughing hysterically
  • She knows just how to get out of going to bed at night
We had Abby's birthday party at a park in Arlington on the 19th of February. It turned out to be a beautiful day, just a little windy. There were a whole lot of family and friends that came to support. (Yes, I invited a couple friends, because without them (and my family) I wouldn't have made it through this first year.)
I made Abby a tutu and cut out little letters for her onsie. I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I decided to do all this, but it was fun to see her all dressed up anyway.

Thank you so much for all the family and friends who came to show their love and support. We REALLY couldn't have made it through this first year without you. Seriously. It's so fun to get to live so close to family and get to see them often. Abby got seriously spoiled for her birthday, and it was made possible by all of you wonderful people!

We love you all, and can't wait to see what this next year brings!

From the first time I held her,
heard her first cry
Love had a face,
and she looked into mine
Now a year has passed,
how time does fly
A year full of firsts
special child of mine.
First giggles,
First tumbles,
First teeth,
First smile,
Every second worth all the while.
And at the end of this year
filled with firsts and fun,
We can't believe our Abby is already One!


Jennilee said...

aww it sounds like it was a lot of fun!! and its weird that the first year goes by so so so fast, but man the next bit has been so fun, and with more kids to come with first years we get to live it over and over again:)

Josh and Lauren said...

I can't believe it!!! Just yesterday we were EFY counselors together having SO much fun! Now you're the mommy of a 1-year old! So fun! Love ya girl.