Sunday, December 4, 2011

One (fast) Month!

One month stats (technically 5 wk stats)
11 lbs 10 oz.
21 1/4 in long

Where oh where did the first month go? It went by so fast! He still just eats, sleeps, poops and cries. Abby got him to smile at her TWICE now (not fair). He's got the sweetest little face. I love his dimples! His left dimple shows up a lot (that's side we get the gas smirk from) but it's a real treat to get both of them at once! And check out the strawberry blond hair! I love it!

Abby is doing pretty well with him. She still ALWAYS wants me to hold her when I nursing him. She's figured out that she can get into pretty much whatever she wants while I'm feeding him, because I can't get up and stop her. She loves it when daddy comes home (although, she really only sees him Thursday-Sunday now because he goes right to school and most of the time has to go right to church on Tuesdays for YMs) because he gives her lots of much needed attention. I always feel so bad that she doesn't get all the attention she used to. I'm considering pushing her bedtime back to 8:30 so she can get to see him every day.

Lifes been a whirlwind since baby J has joined our family. My family and friends have helped me SO much. I could never have kids if I didn't live by family and had no friends. (I'd just be one of those crazy cat ladies. Well, maybe not cat. I hate cats. ) They have been such a strength to me: Always answering my questions about anything and everything (mostly nursing because nursing sucks- no pun intended) I really could never repay them for all they've done! THANK YOU!

-- post will be cut short because of the screaming baby :)

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