Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

My Birthday this year rocked. Really. I have some seriously awesome friends and family.
It started off with my friends (click for pix). We all went to the park to hang out and they spoiled me with food (the real way to my heart). It was so nice to just get to chat and relax while our kids played (attempted to run in the street). I seriously have the most wonderful friends. They are once in the lifetime friends, and really more like sisters. Thank you, ladies, for being so wonderful!

On Saturday, Paul took Abby and snuck out real early. When they got back, I was feeding J (all I ever do, really) and they had loads of white bags. I love white bags. Why? Because it means they went to the donut shop! Paul said 'Hang on Abby, let mommy help you!" so I went over to help her out. There was a bag full of napkins. They were arranged like tissue paper. Weird. So I pulled them out and *ahh* (angelically) there was a beautiful white iPhone 4s tucked away in there. I was surprised. Really. We'd been talking about me getting one and I'd dropped some not so subtle hints... but I really didn't think I'd get one. I love that thing! So handy.

That evening was my nephew's (and bday twin) birthday party! Paul and I went and dropped off Abby so we could go out to dinner at Pappasitos (yum). After dinner I started feeling a bit weird and gross... But we picked up Abby and headed to Sandee's house. She and Jenner watched both our kids while we went out to a movie! It was SO nice of them. At the moment I can't even remember what movie we saw... I was feeling so sick. I must have gotten food poisoning or something. Once we got home I was feeling horrible. I was up all night sick and feeding J. It was crazy. I even had to miss my 'birthday dinner' with my family the next day.
(I don't care if I got food poisoning, I still love you!)

We did get together with Paul's family to celebrate all the January birthdays. (Me, Jenner, and Liz) It was lots of fun as usual. The Johnson's spoiled me totally.

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and gifts! It was such a fun birthday weekend (even if I was sick for most of it) :)

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