Friday, March 2, 2012

Christmas (backtrack)

Christmas was wonderful as ever last year. We had lots of family time! As the years go by, I'm getting more and more appreciative of family. It is really nice to live by them and to get to see them often!
Christmas Eve was spent with my family. We missed Chelseas family as they were in Oklahoma celebrating with the Fullmer side. All the rest of the Mac's came over to my house for hoagies and chatting. It was so fun to get together.
Christmas morning we woke up early to open up all our gifts! It was a Sunday morning and we'd previously decided to go to Paul's parents ward at 1 so it was a nice morning spend with our little family.
When Abby woke up, I'd already been up feeding Jared but I didn't want her to come in the living room without Paul being awake, so I hurried and shooed her into our room to wake up Paul. While he was getting a shirt on, Abby waltz on out to the living room, saw her new stroller and doll from Santa, walked right over to it and started pushing it around. She didn't look surprised at all! It was more of a "Finally mom!" kind of look. So funny. She had a blast opening all her gifts!
Jared just hung out on the couch and watched. It was such a treat because during this time, we didn't know of his Dairy intolerance or his acid reflux. I'll share all that fun stuff in another post :)

Paul opened all his gifts and was kind of bummed because he knew all that he got didn't add up to our 'limit'. He saw one last gift, it was a note! It told him he had to go out to my trunk for his last gift... A new golf bag! He was so excited.

I loved all my gifts as well. I got way too spoiled. Michael and Beth had our names last year for Christmas so we got to open our gifts from them as well. Beth made me this AWESOME tree skirt that I love! I was so excited. She is a genius with the sewing machine, so I knew she would make me something awesome! I'm going to have to make some cute burlap stockings to match this year!
Church was great, and short, so we got extra time to spend with the family. We headed down to Milford to be with Pauls family that evening. It's always fun to go down there and play games Johnson style. Never a dull moment.
We had a wonderful Christmas! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas as well!

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