Friday, March 2, 2012

(backtrack) Jared's Baby Shower

MacDonnell girls sure do know how to throw a baby shower. My sisters spoiled me (and Jared) rotten! It was so sweet of them to do this for me. The food was wonderful (as always) and look at that cake!! Chelsea kinda rocks at the cake thing.

They put Apple Cider (my favorite) in the pumpkin. Clever!
We did a craft, because we all love to craft! Heather brought onesies and fabric so everyone could make a onesie for Jared. They are adorable.
For the game, my SIL Sandee brought all kinds of baby things and we had to guess the price. Baby's are spensive. And then she let me go home with all the things. Spoiled.
There was no skimping on the 'shower' part either. Jared got all kinds of cute things for his room, to wear, and to play with.

Thank you to my sisters, mom, and MIL for taking the time to spoil us a little more. It was a hectic day and not everyone was able to come, but I sure did appreciate it and had a blast with those who could come!

Love you guys!!

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