Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jared's Blessing Day

(pondering the greater things in life)

Jared was blessed on December 4th in the Arlington 4th ward. It was the perfect day to do it because we only had 1 hour of church (because of the nativity). Friends and Family all came to our ward to be a part of it. Paul gave Jared a wonderful blessing. Paul, Steve (grandpa), Steven B., Jason B, Doug (uncle), Kurt (uncle), and members of the bishopric all stood in the circle.
After church was over, all the family (since there's a billion of us) headed to the cultural hall to have a nice little pot luck. We are so thankful for those who were able to come and to those who wanted to be there. We're blessed to have such a large family.
I'm so thankful that my husband holds the priesthood and stays worthy to do so. I cannot count how many times it has blessed mine and my families lives.

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