Thursday, June 7, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

The first weekend in February, Paul and I were invited to go to Vegas with a few people from the firm he works at. We'd found out about it a couple months prior and we were stoked. Jared and Abby were left behind (one of the hardest things I've ever done) Jared ( was 3 months old) stayed with my SIL, Sandee and Abby stayed with my sister, Chelsea! We left them in great hands! 
So, we get to the airport and I immediately got a soda. No nursing=eating and drinking whatever I want!! (Plus, I felt I deserved it after making sure Jared had 2 GALLONS of pumped milk. Never felt more like a cow) And you better believe I got another soda on the plane. :)

 The BEAUTIFUL Aria. We, got the highest room out of everyone that went, so we had a fabulous view. This hotel was awesome! A remote that controlled everything, huge bed, tons of room, a shower and a big ol bathtub, even a phone in the bathroom in case you got board while doing your business.

 After we got situated in the room, we met the rest of the clan for lunch at the buffet in the hotel. Amazing food!
 Then it was time for the fellas of the firm to have a meeting, so I went with a few of the ladies for a walk down the strip!
 M&M's anyone? Too bad a 1 lb bag was about $15!

 The largest chocolate fountain ever. Seriously. Amazing (And I wanted to break in and have my mouth be part of the fountain.
 While we were there, (I forgot what hotel this is..) but they were celebrating the Chinese New Year. So many cool statues made completely out of flowers.
The Billagio! I'd heard so many things about this hotel. We were so excited to see the water/lights show and it did not disappoint! 

Just walking down the strip some more..
 Paul and I decided to get last minute tickets to the Jabbawockeez. So fun! They were so entertaining! What can beat comedy and dancing?

 The Chandelier restaurant in the Cosmopolitan. Gorgeous.

 The 2nd afternoon we went to the buffet in the Paris hotel. So tasty (PJco likes buffets. Cheap(er) for a mass of people) There was a station to make your own custom crepe. I think mine was an apple, nutella something or other. And it was the bomb.

 Canoe statue!
 Vegas wouldn't be Vegas without a few wedding chapels.
 The last night we were there, PJco gave us the most awesome experience ever! We got to go see Le Reve at the Wynn hotel! A nice long walk down there from our hotel, but we were able to see lots of cool things on the way. The show was phenomenal. Water, fire, acrobatics. Seriously people jumping from above the ceiling! There was one part where a couple dozen women were doing a routine with their heads underwater for about 5ish minutes. They had scuba divers under the water giving them oxygen(that we couldn't see) the whole time. There was a stage that kept going under water, at water level and higher depending on what the act was doing. Such crazy, keep you on the edge of your seat fun.

 After the show we went to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in the Paris hotel. Beautiful restaurant. It was such a treat.

 This is one of the walls on a walkway outside the Aria.

We were so spoiled in Vegas, and it was much needed. Although it was hard being away from the kids, we knew they were in good hands. I've wanted to go to Vegas since I was little, so this was a dream come true. Paul grew up in Vegas and his dad used to work at a couple of the resorts so it was fun for him to see how much its grown, what he remembered about it from when it was little, and also to experience it as an adult. 
I cannot wait to go back! It is indeed Sin City, but there is so much good, wholesome fun there! 
Thanks again to Sandee and Chelsea for watching the kids!! You really put our minds at ease so we were able to relax and have a good time. 


Danielle said...

Love the pics Mahrls! And the one at the top is to die for. What an awesome trip!! I love Las Vegas!

Ashley said...

Its very funny for me to see people and their love for Vegas. My husband is from there and when Parker, my son, was in the nicu it was a block off the strip. I drove down it several times a day. I couldn't believe how many people didn't have anything else to do on a weekday! The fountains at bellagio are great. I have seen those. I'm glad you two got to have a fun trip together and you are a champion mom for doing all that pumping!